About us

About us:


For over 3 years now we’ve been super active alongside SOSav on the high-tech product repair market. SOSav has a simple offer:

  • 1. 1500+ free repair guides available on SOSav.co.uk. With these guides, anyone can repair their smartphones, tablets, game consoles or computers themselves.
  • 2. 2500+ high quality spare parts and tools to help you successfully complete your repair. To ensure they’re of optimal quality and to guarantee that they’re in good working order, we carry out meticulous testing and verification of all our spare parts.
  • 3. A forum that allows internet users to ask for help if they get stuck during a repair. They can either ask our technicians directly, or the community.

You wanted it, Captain Repair did it!

Despite all our efforts, a lot of you didn’t want to go down the DIY path, maybe because you didn’t have the time, or maybe you just didn’t feel like it. We had just as many of you calling us everyday, asking if we can repair your device, and when we will finally offer you a repair service.

Well, using our substantial experience in creating repair guides and sourcing high quality spare parts, and at your high demands, we have decided to offer you our Captain Repair repair service!