Lifetime Warranty

The Captain Repair lifetime guarantee

All repairs done by our Captain Repairs and SOSav technicians have a 99 year guarantee (unfortunately we cannot offer a lifetime guarantee :( )

What does the guarantee cover?

  • Defective spare parts installed by our SOSav technicians or Captain Repair services.
  • If a spare part is defective, SOSav’s technical service teams promise to replace the defective spare part(s) completely free, no matter how long it’s been since you bought it.

What does the guarantee do not cover?

  • Oxydation: total or partial immersion of your device in liquid.
  • Mis-handling of your device causing the distortion or cracking of its screen or casing.
  • Breakages caused by drops or falls.
  • Jailbroken or rooted (root access activated) devices.
  • Damage caused by repair attempts.
  • New damages not caused by the original repair of the device.
  • Data lost due to a repair: We advise that you save your data before any repair.

Lifetime guarantee will not apply to devices that have a specific condition before the repair, especially:

  • Oxidised device
  • Jailbroken devices
  • A device with a common issue specific to the model and its manufacture

Captain Repair lifetime guarantee is only valid for the original device repaired, and the original customer. It cannot be transferred if the device is sold or given to someone else.

If the device becomes irreparable after a repair carried out by a Captain Repair or SOSav technician, and the repair has already been paid for, the device will be replaced with another one that is fully functioning and like new. The replacement device will be of the same or superior value as the original product entrusted to the Captain Repair or SOSav. To receive a replacement device, the customer must send the damaged device to SOSav.