Galaxy S7 Repair

And, what is the issue with your Galaxy S7 ?

Other repairs for Galaxy S7


Encountered problem(s) : The front screen of your Galaxy S7 is broken or cracked, your LCD screen is damaged, cracked or has become black or white, the pixels are defective or has display errors.

Repairs : To give your Galaxy S7 its colors back, you have to replace the whole block containing the touch screen and the LCD screen. On the Galaxy S7, the touch screen and the LCD screen are one.

Worn out battery

Encountered problem(s) : Your Galaxy S7 has a low battery life, (lasts less then a day), does not charge anymore or is swollen

Repairs : To have a normal battery life, you have to replace its battery.

Water Damage

Encountered issue(s) : Your Galaxy S7 fell into the water and its features have declined.

Repairs : You have to deoxidize your Galaxy S7 and replace the parts that have been touched.

Won't turn On

Encountered issue(s) : Your Galaxy S7 does not turn on or isn't recognized by your computer.

Repairs : A detailed diagnosis is needed to identify the breakdown(s).


Select "Others" if you can't clearly identify your Galaxy S7 issue. In that case, the nearest Captain Repair will get in touch with you and establish a diagnosis before the intervention.

How does Captain Repair work?

1. Free quote
First select Galaxy S7, then it’s colour and problem, then one of our Captain Repair will contact you. The Captain Repair will give you a final quote for the repair of your Galaxy S7.
2. Select a time & place for the appointment
If you accept the quote for the repair of your Galaxy S7, you’ll then pick a place, time, and date for a repair appointment.
3. Your Captain is coming
The repair of your Galaxy S7 is then done right in front of you in total transparency. You could even run some errands whilst your Galaxy S7 is being repaired if you like.

Galaxy S7 repair with Captain Repair

Take care of your Samsung Galaxy S7 thanks to Captain Repair ! Our certified repairers are located everywhere in France in order to help you with your smartphone in distress, whether its a broken screen, a battery to replace because it does not charge or maybe a network issue.

Choosing Captain Repair means a quick and efficient repair of your smartphone with a free quote and an appointment the same day. Plus, the use of the best spare parts can guarantee the repair for 99 years, so your Galaxy S7's lifespan !