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Take your destiny into your hands. Registration is very easy, and we’ll start sending you repair requests immediately.

Captain Repair allows you to earn money with a simple click.

Personal users

Every day, Captain Repair puts you into contact with dozens of smartphone and tablet repair professionals who want to fix your device.


Accept repairs using the Captain Repair app, and we’ll put you into direct contact with your future customers.


What is Captain Repair?

Captain Repair is one of the most important networks of smartphone and tablet repairers in France and Europe. Every day, Captain Repair puts dozens of certified repairers in contact with personal users who need a smartphone or tablet repair.

How does it work?

Just enter your information, and upload the documents required to become a repairer. Once we’ve validated your information, we’ll contact you to explain the certification process. Once certified, just enter your availability and we’ll start sending you dozens of repair requests.

What do i get out of the network?

Captain Repair gives you the opportunity to increase your income, whilst giving you technical and sales support and quality spare parts at the best price. So why not make it your day job?

What type of repairs and products?

Captain Repair will put you into contact with customers who want tablet and smartphone repairs. You can then do the repair wherever, and whenever you like.

What next?

Once you’re a partner and you’ve become a part of our network, you will be the master of your own activity. One of our managers will guide you throughout your time with us.

Let's go!

Before you register, we have a few general questions for you to ensure you can join the Captain Repair family.